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Fall Quarter Wrap-up

Fall quarter kicked my ass. Classes were hard and it has been an adjustment working at the Falcon.

The Falcon has been a good experience though. The editor staff that has been put together is really great. Everyone is good at their jobs and we are only getting better

The staff is great as well. We put out some really good news pieces like this one about food insecurity and this op-ed about how we need to change our language around immigration. Multimedia has put out a few videos as well, though not as many as I had hoped. That is what we will be focusing more on in the coming quarters.

Academically, I've struggled more this quarter than I have in the past. I think that it's because I have less unstructured time; it takes some forethought to get homework done when you are busy four nights a week.

Overall, I leave this quarter thoroughly exhausted, glad and looking forward to what comes ahead.